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We’re a funded startup aspiring to turbocharge learning. Besides Expercast, we’re working on two fun side projects: N-Back Challenge and One Daily Nugget. If you’re passionate about education, contact us, and we’ll be excited to tell you more.

Our value proposition for talent like you

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Massive Impact

We are a mission-driven company that is setting out to shake up the education industry and improve the lives of millions of people.

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Maximum Flexibility

Even before Covid, we had taken flexibility to the extreme. Work not only from where you want, but also when and how much you want.

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An Amazing Team

You’ll join not only the smartest, but also the nicest people you've ever worked with. Personality traits matter a lot to us.

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A Clean Canvas

We are a small early-stage startup, so there are plenty of opportunities to assume leadership and shape our product and organization.

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Rapid Professional Growth

We place a huge emphasis on professional growth. This includes intensive mentoring, a generous education budget, and more.

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Generous Compensation

In addition to a highly competitive base compensation, you will share in the financial upside of the company.

Open Positions



We’re looking for exceptionally smart frontend, backend, and full-stack developers to strengthen our stellar engineering team. We work with React, React Native, Ruby, Rails, Go, Python, PostgreSQL, and Redis.

QA Engineer


Are you both wicked smart and attentive to detail? Join Expercast’s amazing QA team! For junior candidates, prior experience is a plus, but not required: If your intrinsics are top-notch, we’ll teach you all you need to know on the job.



Do you have a fine sense of aesthetics, a unique feel for usability, and a consuming drive for perfection? Join our world-class design team! As a junior candidate, don’t worry about your lack of experience: Talent trumps everything!

Product Manager


You feel comfortable straddling the worlds of design, engineering, and management? Why not join Expercast as a product manager? Thanks to our side projects, you’ll have a chance to take charge of an entire product even as a junior.

Content Curator


Are you curious to learn about all kinds of topics, from science to self-improvement? Join our top-notch team of content curators and help us find the all-time greatest articles about topics you’re passionate about. No prior experience required.

Marketing Manager


You’re both creative and analytical? Then join us as a marketing manager! We’re working on multiple products, and we’re interested in a large variety of growth channels, so there will be plenty of ways for you to take ownership.

Data Analyst


Are you a wizard at making sense of data? A sharp intellect with pragmatic judgment and an uncanny instinct for unlocking powerful insights? Join Expercast and help build out our cross-functional analytics efforts!

Social Media Manager


You’re passionate about social media? An engaging writer, with a fine sense of humor? Join Expercast as an SMM manager! We are interested in all main platforms, and you’ll have an opportunity to work with different brands.



Expercast is uniquely selective about hiring. Above all, we’re looking for people who are not only exceptionally smart, but also exceedingly nice. Help us find more such talent by joining our wonderful people operations team as a recruiter!

Customer Support Specialist


You enjoy interacting with people and helping them solve problems? You have excellent written communication skills? Join us as a customer support specialist! We’re at an early stage, so there are many leadership opportunities!

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If you are passionate about education, eager to turbocharge your professional growth, and excited at the prospect of working in an elite remote team.
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