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About this role

As a UI/UX designer at Expercast, you will join an exceptionally talented and cutting-edge conception team. Working together with Product, Development, and QA, you will build a suite of products that is designed, ultimately, to provide broad access to high-quality education across the world. 

In addition to creating sketches, prototypes, and mockups, you will have an opportunity to conduct user research and user testing and find ways to improve usability and user engagement. You will also have a chance to generate ideas for new features and (education-related) products and contribute to our UI and UX design patterns library, thus helping us build a world-class design organization.

What we are looking for

Our philosophy here at Expercast is to hire for exceptional intrinsics, and trust that, thanks to our collaborative and learning-oriented culture, you will be able to quickly fill any potential gaps in your technical expertise on the job. This is especially true for junior candidates.

That being said, we do expect you to exhibit exceptional feel for usability and for UX design in general and, to the extent of your prior experience, expertise in the graphic design of mobile and web apps. We also expect you to have high creativity, a fine sense of aesthetics and a deep passion for design. We use Figma, but previous experience is not a must-have.

Also, in terms of intrinsics, we are looking for strong problem-solving skills, diligence and high cooperativeness. Your English should be upper-intermediate. Our assessment process will be conducted in English, but there is no need for your English to be perfect already: We will help you improve it on the job.