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About this role

As a Recruiter at Expercast, you will join an exceptionally smart People Operations team. You will be responsible for helping us find, identify and attract the greatest talent for the technical and non-technical roles that we are hiring for. This will include brainstorming, trying out and prioritizing hiring channels, reaching out to candidates and leading them through the assessment process as well as conducting interviews. We are very data-driven, so you will have a chance to run a lot of analyses and use these insights for coming up with recommendations.

What we are looking for

Our philosophy here at Expercast is to hire for exceptional intrinsics, and trust that, thanks to our collaborative and learning-oriented culture, you will be able to quickly fill any potential gaps in your technical expertise on the job. No previous experience or work experience less than 2 years is needed for this position – you will learn everything on the job.

As for language requirements, we expect upper-intermediate English skills. In fact, our assessment process will be conducted entirely in English. Don’t worry, however, if your English isn’t perfect yet: We will help you improve it.

In terms of intrinsics, we are looking, in particular, for the following three traits:

  • Stellar problem-solving skills
  • Exceptional diligence and strong drive
  • High cooperativeness